[1.3.1] - 18-04-2023

[1.0.0] - 11-04-2022

[1.0.0] - 23-11-2022

Release of DreamTeams! Close the loop by collaborating immediately from your dashboard in Microsoft Teams. Share your insights and align by sending messages with a link to your Tableau dashboard. People will see the exact dashboard you shared with filters and parameters applied! Tableau vizzes can even be shared with people who do not have Tableau yet so you can collaborate with everyone, at every time.

Share your Insights

DreamTeams allows you to share your visualizations from Tableau to Microsoft Teams in a channel or private message easily. Add your findings and start to collaborate!
Tag your Audience

Notify your colleagues or people outside your organization with mentions in DreamTeams so they never miss a message from you.
Send a link to your Dashboard

DreamTeams allows to send a link to your Tableau dashboard. The link contains all the filters and parameters applied by you, so your receivers will see exactly what you see. Simple.